Last Couple Months

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Last Couple Months

Postby mightymulhern » Feb 28th, '13, 22:29

We haven't posted anything in the last couple months so I thought I'd make an entry.

Sydney is doing well.

Actually at present Sydney has an ear infection. She acted a little weird on Monday evening and then woke up screaming around 10pm. She was all out of sorts and not really acting awake. At some point we realized that she skipped dinner. She was also complaining that her ear hurt. Meghan pulled out her trusty otoscope and pretty quickly figured out that Syd had an ear infection. After a day on antibiotics, she's back to her normal silliness.

For Valentines day, Sydney's teacher's son TJ got Sydney and her best friend Asya pink stuffed monkey dolls and butterfly antenna head bands. Both girls loved them and Sydney has worn her antenna just about ever day since. Asya wears hers some days. Syd now sleeps with her Minnie Mouse, the pink monkey, and of course her ank.

For the past few months, Sydney has been wearing an eye patch for a couple hours each evening in an attempt to correct her ambliopia. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be working. We'll be heading to a specialist on Saturday.

In the last few days we've actually had some good snow and Sydney got to finally build a snow man. It's rare that you get wet snow that packs and we finally did. She's proud of her snowman. It was cute watching her play in the snow although Meghan still had to help her walk in a couple spots where it was extra deep.

In other recent news, Sydney is also starting to talk to strangers a little more. She's starting to say thank you when people compliment her hair. She explained to the doctor that she has ambilopia at her recent visit. It's cute.

Sydney is also learning how to read a little bit. She's starting to recognize words and understands the sounds most letters make. She's got the idea.

I was amused the other night when Sydney told me that she taught her friends at school the Batman smells song: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Bat Man Smells, Robin laid an egg. The bat mobile, lost its wheel, and the joker got away. I think it's hilarious to hear her sing that.
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